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While the Department of Energy and Climate Change reached its target for the schemes to improve 1 million homes by March , it also made the decision in July following the election of Conservative Government The Energy Secretary Amber Rudd announced the Green Deal would be scrapped [10].

There was no opposition to the scheme being scrapped but there was concern that there was no replacement scheme.

Former Climate Change Minister Greg Barker stated he was confident that the private sector would pick up the slack from the withdrawal of Government funding [12].

Homeowner would make energy-saving improvements to your home or business without having to pay all the costs up front through the Green Deal.

First, an assessment by a government registered assessor of the property to see what improvements can be made and how much it could save on energy bills.

Secondly, homeowner would choose a Green Deal provider to carry out the work. Only work that would reduce the energy bill highlighted by the assessor would qualify.

Thirdly, A Green Deal plan is signed. This is a contract between homeowner and the provider stating what work will be done and how much it will cost.

The provider will then arrange for a Green Deal installer to do the work. Lastly, once the work was complete, the homeowner or tenant would pay off the cost in instalments through their electricity bill.

The GD ORB manages scheme administrative functions, such as maintaining the public registers of authorised participants and participant helpdesk; as well as working alongside industry and government to further develop and share best practice in operational processes, and raising awareness about consumer protection issues.

A further 15 Green Deal measures [14] have been confirmed and include;. Other expected providers such as Tesco , Marks and Spencer and the other three major energy companies were missing from the list.

Senior Conservative ministers, including Eric Pickles Communities and Local Government Secretary , called for the scheme to be scrapped as it could cost the so-called "squeezed" middle, thousands of pounds.

The building industry has raised concern about the lack of stimulus to drive demand for the uptake of the Green Deal. There has also been doubts cast over whether the central tenet of the scheme - the so-called " Golden Rule " whereby the cost of repayments never outweighs the savings on the bill - will actually be successfully implemented.

While The Green Deal is primarily concerned with buildings' energy efficiency, it is often associated with reducing carbon emissions, and mitigating climate change.

However, the effects of Jevons Paradox , and cash savings being spent on other products and services with associated carbon footprint, means that The Green Deal may not reduce carbon emissions, unless there is a corresponding supply-side constraint, keeping coal, oil and gas underground.

The choice of Gemserv as the certification body has also provoked criticism as it is owned by the 6 largest energy companies in the UK and so will act as a barrier to small businesses being certified and thus benefiting from the green deal.

This would undermine DECC objective of promoting green growth with the scheme. David Cameron has defended the Green Deal, stating that despite the lack of interest from the general public and a slow take-up, the policy was never intended to start with a big bang, but rather to build slowly.

There have also been issues with conmen posing as Green Deal assessors. Trading standards officers have reported that cold callers are posing as Green Deal assessors while charging "administration fees" [24].

The scheme has faced heavy criticism that it will do nothing to combat the rising levels of fuel poverty in the UK.

As with the closure of the Warmfront scheme the UK no longer has any policies specifically targeted at lowering fuel poverty.

The Government's impact assessment estimates that the Green Deal will lead to , to , households being lifted out of fuel poverty by Although the Green Deal Plan was a fixed rate for the life of the energy improvement up to 25 years and unsecured, it was compared to secured home loans of similar life but only short periods of fixed interest rate.

This hysteria led to some Green Deal providers such as Npower raising concerns about the high rates, adding that, unless they were reduced, the scheme would fail.

This is because the tenant can expect to benefit from lower energy costs. The Council of Mortgage Lenders have issued guidelines, [29] but have stated "Lenders will make their own individual commercial decisions in response to the Green Deal, and these may vary.

Buro Happold, in a report on the Green Deal, suggested there should also be more information on its wider implications, such as how it impacts fuel poverty, property value and re-saleability.

The researchers also warn that the as yet unknown impact on the resale value of homes from refurbishments and Green Deal debts attached to the property could deter uptake.

Research studies by Prof Chris Goodier of Loughborough University and Prof Li Shao of the University of Reading highlighted potential risks of overheating in dwellings via over insulting households [31].

The Green Deal had two measures built in to ensure this would not occur, firstly, the "Golden Rule" and secondly, each measure must be assessed through Energy Performance Certificate.

The policy closed to new applications on 24 July [33]. To be eligible for the GDHIF scheme offers householders must satisfy the following incentive criteria:.

Only in the 16th century was a good green dye produced, by first dyeing the cloth blue with woad, and then yellow with Reseda luteola , also known as yellow-weed.

The pigments available to painters were more varied; monks in monasteries used verdigris, made by soaking copper in fermenting wine, to color medieval manuscripts.

They also used finely-ground malachite, which made a luminous green. They used green earth colors for backgrounds.

During the early Renaissance, painters such as Duccio di Buoninsegna learned to paint faces first with a green undercoat, then with pink, which gave the faces a more realistic hue.

Over the centuries the pink has faded, making some of the faces look green. Dedham Vale by John Constable. The paintings of Constable romanticized the vivid green landscapes of England.

In the paintings of Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot — , the green of trees and nature became the central element of the painting, with the people secondary.

Emperor Pedro II of Brazil wearing a dark green velvet mantle. The 18th and 19th century brought the discovery and production of synthetic green pigments and dyes, which rapidly replaced the earlier mineral and vegetable pigments and dyes.

These new dyes were more stable and brilliant than the vegetable dyes, but some contained high levels of arsenic , and were eventually banned.

In the 18th and 19th century, green was associated with the romantic movement in literature and art. The French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau celebrated the virtues of nature, The German poet and philosopher Goethe declared that green was the most restful color, suitable for decorating bedrooms.

Painters such as John Constable and Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot depicted the lush green of rural landscapes and forests. Green was contrasted to the smoky grays and blacks of the Industrial Revolution.

The second half of the 19th century saw the use of green in art to create specific emotions, not just to imitate nature.

One of the first to make color the central element of his picture was the American artist James McNeil Whistler , who created a series of paintings called "symphonies" or "noctures" of color, including Symphony in gray and green; The Ocean between and The late nineteenth century also brought the systematic study of color theory, and particularly the study of how complementary colors such as red and green reinforced each other when they were placed next to each other.

These studies were avidly followed by artists such as Vincent van Gogh. The hall is blood red and pale yellow, with a green billiard table in the center, and four lamps of lemon yellow, with rays of orange and green.

Everywhere it is a battle and antithesis of the most different reds and greens. In the s green became a political symbol, the color of the Green Party in Germany and in many other European countries.

It symbolized the environmental movement , and also a new politics of the left which rejected traditional socialism and communism.

See Politics section below. Green can communicate safety to proceed, as in traffic lights. The first traffic light, using green and red gas lamps, was erected in in front of the Houses of Parliament in London.

It exploded the following year, injuring the policeman who operated it. In , the first modern electric traffic lights were put up in Salt Lake City , Utah.

Red was chosen largely because of its high visibility, and its association with danger, while green was chosen largely because it could not be mistaken for red.

Today green lights universally signal that a system is turned on and working as it should. In many video games, green signifies both health and completed objectives, opposite red.

Green is the color most commonly associated in Europe and the U. Many cities have designated a garden or park as a green space, and use green trash bins and containers.

A green cross is commonly used to designate pharmacies in Europe. In China, green is associated with the east, with sunrise, and with life and growth.

Green is the color most commonly associated in the U. In Ancient Egypt; the god Osiris, king of the underworld, was depicted as green-skinned. Green the color most commonly associated in Europe and the U.

It also often is used to describe anyone young, inexperienced, probably by the analogy to immature and unripe fruit. Surveys also show that green is the color most associated with the calm, the agreeable, and tolerance.

Red is associated with heat, blue with cold, and green with an agreeable temperature. Red is associated with dry, blue with wet, and green, in the middle, with dampness.

Red is the most active color, blue the most passive; green, in the middle, is the color of neutrality and calm, sometimes used in architecture and design for these reasons.

Green is often associated with jealousy and envy. The expression "green-eyed monster" was first used by William Shakespeare in Othello: Green today is not commonly associated in Europe and the United States with love and sexuality, [70] but in stories of the medieval period it sometimes represented love [71] and the base, natural desires of man.

However, for the troubadours , green was the color of growing love, and light green clothing was reserved for young women who were not yet married.

In Persian and Sudanese poetry, dark-skinned women, called "green" women, were considered erotic. In Victorian England , the color green was associated with homosexuality.

Saint Wolfgang and the Devil , by Michael Pacher. In legends, folk tales and films, fairies , dragons , monsters , and the devil are often shown as green.

In the Middle Ages, the devil was usually shown as either red, black or green. Dragons were usually green, because they had the heads, claws and tails of reptiles.

Modern Chinese dragons are also often green, but unlike European dragons, they are benevolent; Chinese dragons traditionally symbolize potent and auspicious powers, particularly control over water, rainfall, hurricane, and floods.

The dragon is also a symbol of power, strength, and good luck. The Emperor of China usually used the dragon as a symbol of his imperial power and strength.

The dragon dance is a popular feature of Chinese festivals. In Irish folklore and English folklore , the color was sometimes was associated with witchcraft, and with faeries and spirits.

In theater and film, green was often connected with monsters and the inhuman. The earliest films of Frankenstein were in black and white, but in the poster for the version The Bride of Frankenstein , the monster had a green face.

Actor Bela Lugosi wore green-hued makeup for the role of Dracula in the — Broadway stage production. Like other common colors, green has several completely opposite associations.

While it is the color most associated by Europeans and Americans with good health, it is also the color most often associated with toxicity and poison.

There was a solid foundation for this association; in the nineteenth century several popular paints and pigments, notably verdigris, vert de Schweinfurt and vert de Paris, were highly toxic, containing copper or arsenic.

A green tinge in the skin is sometimes associated with nausea and sickness. The color, when combined with gold, is sometimes seen as representing the fading of youth.

The famous British fashion leader Beau Brummel wore a green tailcoat The reverse of the United States one-dollar bill has been green since , giving it the popular name greenback.

Green in Europe and the United States is sometimes associated with status and prosperity. From the Middle Ages to the 19th century it was often worn by bankers, merchants country gentlemen and others who were wealthy but not members of the nobility.

The benches in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom , where the landed gentry sat, are colored green. In the United States green was connected with the dollar bill.

Since , the reverse side of the dollar bill has been green. Green was originally chosen because it deterred counterfeiters, who tried to use early camera equipment to duplicate banknotes.

Also, since the banknotes were thin, the green on the back did not show through and muddle the pictures on the front of the banknote.

Green continues to be used because the public now associates it with a strong and stable currency. One of the more notable uses of this meaning is found in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

The Emerald City in this story is a place where everyone wears tinted glasses that make everything appear green. Frank Baum , to illustrate the financial system of America in his day, as he lived in a time when America was debating the use of paper money versus gold.

The flag of Italy was modeled after the flag of France. It was originally the flag of the Cisalpine Republic , and the green came from the uniforms of the army of Milan.

The flag of Brazil The green color was inherited from the flag of the Empire of Brazil , where it represented the color of the House of Braganza.

The flag of Ireland The green represents the culture and traditions of Gaelic Ireland. The flag of India The green has been said at different times to represent the Muslim community of India, hope, or prosperity.

The flag of Bangladesh The green field stands for the lushness of the land of Bangladesh. The Flag of Saudi Arabia has the green color of Islam. The inscription in Arabic says: There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his Prophet,".

The flag of South Africa includes green, yellow and black, the colors of the African National Congress. The former flag of Libya — was the only monochromatic flag in the world, with no design or details.

The flag of Nigeria The green represents the forests and natural wealth of the country. The flag of Pakistan The green part represents the Muslim majority of the country.

Green is one of the three colors along with red and black, or red and gold of Pan-Africanism. The Pan-African colors are borrowed from the Ethiopian flag , one of the oldest independent African countries.

Green on some African flags represents the natural richness of Africa. Many flags of the Islamic world are green, as the color is considered sacred in Islam see below.

The flag of Hamas , [91] as well as the flag of Iran , is green, symbolizing their Islamist ideology. It was the only national flag in the world with just one color and no design, insignia, or other details.

Green is a symbol of Ireland, which is often referred to as the "Emerald Isle". The color is particularly identified with the republican and nationalist traditions in modern times.

It is used this way on the flag of the Republic of Ireland , in balance with white and the Protestant orange.

The green harp flag was the banner of Irish nationalism from the 17th century until the early 20th century. The emblem of the Australian Greens.

A demonstration by Les Verts , the green party of France, in Lyon. The Rainbow Warrior , the ship of the Greenpeace environmental movement.

The first recorded green party was a political faction in Constantinople during the 6th century Byzantine Empire.

They were bitter opponents of the blue faction, which supported Emperor Justinian I and which had its own chariot racing team. In AD rioting between the factions began after one race, which led to the massacre of green supporters and the destruction of much of the center of Constantinople.

Green was the traditional color of Irish nationalism , beginning in the 17th century. The green harp flag, with a traditional gaelic harp , became the symbol of the movement.

It was the banner of the Society of United Irishmen , which organized the Irish Rebellion of , calling for Irish independence.

The uprising was suppressed with great bloodshed by the British army. When Ireland achieved independence in , green was incorporated into the national flag.

The ideology is Swiss nationalism, national conservatism, right-wing populism, economic liberalism, agrarianism, isolationism, euroscepticism.

The SVP was founded on September 22, and has 90, members. In the s green became the color of a number of new European political parties organized around an agenda of environmentalism.

Green was chosen for its association with nature, health, and growth. Green parties in Europe have programs based on ecology , grassroots democracy , nonviolence , and social justice.

Green parties are found in over one hundred countries, and most are members of the Global Green Network. Greenpeace is a non-governmental environmental organization which emerged from the anti-nuclear and peace movements in the s.

Its ship, the Rainbow Warrior , frequently tried to interfere with nuclear tests and whaling operations. The movement now has branches in forty countries.

The Australian Greens party was founded in Green is the color associated with Puerto Rico's Independence Party , the smallest of that country's three major political parties, which advocates Puerto Rican independence from the United States.

Green is the traditional color of Islam. Green was also considered to be the median color between light and obscurity.

Roman Catholic and more traditional Protestant clergy wear green vestments at liturgical celebrations during Ordinary Time. Romans used green holly and evergreen as decorations for their winter solstice celebration called Saturnalia , which eventually evolved into a Christmas celebration.

This is shown on the national flag of Ireland. A baccarat palette and cards on a casino gambling table. A Bentley colored British racing green.

A billiards table, colored green after the lawns where the ancestors of the game were originally played. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the color. For other uses, see Green disambiguation. Olive or olive green. A Chinese dragon dance. A 20th-century depiction of a leprechaun.

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